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07/20/23 11:25 AM #151    

Rick Selcer

Brother Steve:  

Glad to hear you're still alive and kicking, friend! I'm still wrapping my head around the fact that's it's been FIVE years since our 50th Reunion. And now you've got me thinking about 1913 for a 50th graduating class in 1968. (Actually, I think I saw a few of those folks lurking around outside our party in 2018. Gee, the Class of 1895 -- that's back when Paschal would have been segregated not just blacks and whites but also Indians [Native Americans] and whites! Grover Cleveland would have been president. That would make Grover just about old enough now to run for president in 2024. He'd fit right in with the 2 leading candidates. And if you remember your U.S. History, the U.S. was in the midst of a depression [Panic] then so he could speak on his infrastructure bill. Is Donald Trump for bimetalism or the gold standard?) 

Keep kicking, my friend! Hope to see you in October.


10/04/23 10:21 AM #152    


Gyrene Koonce (Kennedy)

I may be overlooking it -- but what time is the Reunion?

10/05/23 12:36 PM #153    


Debbie Turner (Monroe)

The reunion starts at 6:30.  Click on 55th reunion on the left side of the home page for all of the information!

10/06/23 11:38 AM #154    


Gyrene Koonce (Kennedy)

Thanks Debbie!!

10/10/23 01:44 PM #155    


Nicki Thompson (Tyler)

Hope to see everyone at the 55th reunion on 10/21/23!! According to the registrations as of today we have a wonderful group!!! It’s so cool that after seeing friends at the 50th reunion and the 70th birthday, most names are recognizable and I’m so excited to see ya'll again!! In preparing the memorial video for our class it has been so emotional recognizing our departed friends, some of whom we just visited with at a prior reunion and they are now gone. Don’t miss your chance to see each other, make a connection, share a tale, share your past or present, and make a difference! We want YOU there so don’t hesitate, please join us!

10/11/23 04:01 PM #156    


Greg Brooks

Word has it the facility is wheelchair and walker accessible.

10/22/23 10:25 AM #157    


Kathy O'Byrne (Bradham)

Dear Classmates--

Sometimes words are hard to form our feelings, right?   I'll give it a shot, but would love to hear from all of you about last night!   
While driving home to Argyle/Denton with Elisa (our photographer), she just couldn't stop talking about our  unusually close class, that genuinely cares for each other.  She was right.  It was so wonderful seeing all of you, don't think anyone wanted it to end.  Thank you for the warmest, sweetest hugs that are still with me.  
We are extremely fortunate to have Debbie Turner Monroe, always at the helm, making things happen.  Then there's Billy Rosenthal, with his big generous heart, providing literally everything!   Thank you both for your kindness and the outstanding Paschal spirit in which it was given.  

You know it's not over till our next reunion---so, when Debbie posts our periodic get togethers, usually at Rogers Roadhouse, please come!  

Happy Trails, till we meet again!  

Love you all,


10/22/23 07:54 PM #158    

Claudia Kay

It was a wonderful event.  We are so fortunate to have people like Billy and Debbie at the helm. 

Good to see you there

10/23/23 06:43 AM #159    

Rick Selcer


I think you summed it up perfectly! I, too, hated it to end. Lots of warm, fuzzy feelings from seeing everyone again. Has it really been 2 years since our last get-together? And yes, we are a surprisingly close and caring group -- especially when you consider that when we graduated 55 years ago there were more than 900 of us and at least half of the people we see at these reunions we didn't know then -- and some of them we didn't like! Fifty-five years (and a little more maturity) changes a lot. I never knew Billy Rosenthal or Debbie Turner until these reunions. Now I correspond with Debbie regularly and look forward to seeing them both semi-periodically at these soirees. I spent Saturday night chatting with people I hadn't seen or thought about in a million years. One of them lived right up the hill from me in my Tanglewood Elementary days, and another I hadn't seen, much less talked to, since the 6th grade, but Saturday night we hugged and chatted like old friends. There were 150-something there Saturday night. What happened to the other 800 or so in our graduating class? So many have passed on. So many of us are limping along on bad knees, nursing bad backs and worse. We share memories and music and life experiences with each other that not even kids and grandkids can understand or appreciate. They look upon us like we looked upon our parents and grandparents. We need to hang onto each other and have these get-togethers regularly as long as there is still a handful of us still upright. Debbie, if you'll keep organizing 'em, and Billy, if you'll keep hosting 'em, I'll be there --bad knees, sore back and all! Kathy, thanks for the reminder of what a GREAT night it was.

10/23/23 10:58 AM #160    


Gyrene Koonce (Kennedy)

I am so sorry to have missed the event!  It was on my calendar a LOT longer than the family wedding invitation that trumped it (but that was the right decision and it was a beautiful wedding!).  Hope to see everyone at the next one and I can't wait to see the pictures posted from it.



10/23/23 12:27 PM #161    


Kathy Shields

The event Saturday night was AMAZING.  I had a FABULOUS time and since I was only at Paschal briefly during my senior year, I did run into a few people I knew, but met many, many more and enjoyed every minute!  The venue was incredible and the food, some of the best ever.  Thank you Debbie Turner Monroe, for always taking the lead with these and to Billy Rosenthal, who made this venue available to us all.  Looking forward to the next one!  

10/24/23 02:55 PM #162    


Cindy Gray (Anderson)

Hello fellow classmates ... Bill and I just went through all these wonderful pictures and tried to put names to as many faces as possible. Looks like a good time! We wished we could read every name tag -- but these old eyes can't quite read all the last names. We recognized many of you -- Debbie Turner, Paul Williams & Suzie, Billy Rosenthal, Randy McFarland & Dianna, Van Green & Marcy, Don Stanford (no Dianne Byers?), Mike Irvin, Stanley Eisenmann, David Keltner, Dan Anthony, Chris Hawkins, Becky Whitten, Barbara Agee, David Bloxom, Martha Ankele (didn't see Ralph Dean?) Nancy Chatmas, Cynthia Wendland, Susie McDonald, Debbie Coker, Kathy O'Byrne, Melinda Wexler, Linda Taylor, Hope Griffith, Mike & Andy Nance and Cheryl, Don Payte & Cynthia Chapman, Greg Brooks, Lewis Hall, Richard Melina, Bill Carson, Joan Landrum??, Brice Parks, Barbie Simons, Suzie Allen ... just to name a few. Good to see you all! The rest of you -- we just couldn't quite put names to the faces. But to be honest, we didn't know everyone in our huge class even in 1968 (the downside of going to a big school like Paschal.) Even Bill and I barely knew each other then -- we reconnected in Austin in 1972 -- married the next year -- so we just celebrated our 50th in May.

We looked for, but DIDN'T SEE good friends Tom and Karen Rall (guess they sat this one out, like we did -- the 50th was our last) or Nicki Thompson, or Charlie Davis, or Nancy Maples & Steve Madsen, or Cheryl Williams & David Browning, or Cyndi Yoder, or Rick Seltzer, or Shannon Sedwick (you've never come!!!) Hope you are all well.

Then we went through "In Memory" and spoke the name of every person we actually knew. There are invisible threads weaving through the universe ... connecting us all ... and so many great memories.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Cindy (Gray) and Bill Anderson -- below, with our son Austin & his two boys

12/08/23 08:10 AM #163    

Claudia Kay

If this ticks you off, I do not care

Many people from Bluebonnet through McLean and Paschal were unkind to Joyce Abramowitz and Royce Andrews becasue of their weight.   Those are scars both women expressed, stayed with them all of their lives.  

It is to late to apoligize now,  Hope people have grown  up and have taught their children and grandchidren not to bully their classmates.

12/09/23 07:43 AM #164    

Rick Selcer


I hear your emotion and agree with you in principle. The irony is that more than 60% of Americans have a "weight problem" nowadays. (For what it's worth, I was one of those people when I got to PHS -- not a "weight problem" but just FAT.) The result of those numbers today is that being fat is no longer a "problem" but a money-making opportunity. Thus you have heavyweight stars in their own movies and TV shows, and even featured in commercials that aren't just selling weight-loss products. You have "plus-sized" clothing stores for men and women. I'm afraid the cruelty of half a century and more ago is no longer reprehensible; it's passe. Another example of how the times have passed us by -- like the music I listen to. There are more current battles to fight.  

12/10/23 12:25 PM #165    

Claudia Kay

You are correct,  It appears jokes are still acceptable for people who are fat.   

12/10/23 03:28 PM #166    


Cathy Hurley

Claudia, I could not agree with you more. This has very little to do with weight. It has to do with the viciousness of bullying and the long-term damage it does. I'm sorry to say that I did not know Royce or Joyce at Paschal. I met Royce a few years ago on Facebook. She was one of the kindest, most generous people I've ever known. She had made an extremely productive life for herself and her family. She was a  good person. She told me something  that I found almost unbelievable. Her mother died while she was at Paschal, and she said that made the bullying even worse. I think we just have to admit that for whatever reason there are a lot of mean people in the world. I'm quite sure that bullying has been going on since the beginning of time. It even occurs in other species. Still, it is a timely topic, and I can think of very little that is more important than fighting bullying because of the damage it does to young people in the formative years of  their lives.

12/11/23 03:11 AM #167    


Carl Weisser

Rick I have to agree with Cathy Hurley about Claudia's concern on bullying overweight kids in school. When I was teaching 6th graders in Crown heights Brooklyn in the late 1990's it was still going strong. It is not passe. A few reality TV stars may be making money out of it but the vast majority are still too often shamed and hurt deeply. 

01/12/24 04:20 PM #168    

Randy McFarland

Heads up, everyone! I just got a long, weird message that appears to be from Carl Weisser, and it's clearly not, it's a scam. I don't know if anyone else got it, but I suspect some of you will - there's no particular reason I would be the only one. Either Carl's profile has been hacked or the entire website has been hacked.


01/12/24 04:25 PM #169    

Randy McFarland

Heads up, everyone! I just got a long, weird message that appears to be from Carl Weisser, and it's clearly not, it's a scam. I don't know if anyone else got it, but I suspect some of you will - there's no particular reason I would be the only one. Either Carl's profile has been hacked or the entire website has been hacked.


Here is the text of the message from "Carl"

1/12/24, 3:23 PM urgent Confidential 1/1
Hello Randy, I apologize in advance for the length of this message and urge that you keep the information in
strict confidence and not share it with anyone except your closest trusted friends and not forward it to others
in detail or if at all of possible not at all, as it has the potential in the wrong hands put me in grave danger as
well as the other parties involved. For the last 4 years I have been sponsoring a graduate of the University of
Ghana off and on with some financial support during lean times and last year she managed to come to New
Jersey and stay with a friend of hers who lives near Atlantic City. 2 weeks ago, she was planning to come visit
me in Oklahoma and had her plane ticket and everything but decided to do a little sight seeing and shopping
along the boardwalk where all the casinos are. She is here on on a temporary visitor’s visa. She was walking
somewhere between one of the luggage storage places that is in an out of the way location (bad idea) and the
boardwalk, when she was abducted by a group of men who are members of a Mexican drug cartel. There
business is to kidnap vulnerable young women walking alone on or the boardwalk and hold them for $10,000
ransom. Well, I could not possibly pay 10,000 and certainly not anytime soon since almost all of my land got
sold in recent years to pay debts and I am barely scraping by selling on eBay and hoping to restart my
silhouette portrait business that came to a halt due to Covid. It is a long shot but here is my precarious
position: She is to be transferred by private jet to the Mexican Cartel Leader's location in Mexico this evening,
January 12. The local boss in Atlantic city whom I have had several conversations with has taken a liking to
her and has become very protective. Each of his guards is assigned to an individual girl to protect and not in
any way abuse, neglect or take advantage of any anyone who does is severely punished. It is all about the
money. Anyway, the boss, after repeatedly hearing me say I can't come up with any significant money in a
short time, and taking liking to her himself, has decided on his own as well as by bribing some of the guards,
to release her and have a couple of guards escort her to the international airport under the guise of searching
for her as a fugitive. The price for this was a much-reduced fee of 3000, and just a few hours ago he reduced
it to 2000. So I am calling texting emailing everyone I know asking for help. If I were on Facebook and had a
lot of likes which I am not and I don't, I would try a Go Fund Me. If I can find 20 people to contribute as a
loan 100, or 40 people 50, or a combination of that, it gets me to 2000. But any amount, no matter how
small, would help. I just got through pulling everything I could from local friends and far off friends to get
1500 just to keep her in New Jersey the last time the flight to Mexico was scheduled so am really tapped out.
They fly 10 girls to Mexico every 2 weeks whose parents have not paid the ransom. There they are used and
abused and passed around and more often than not then sold to an Arab company that sells body parts. I
thought she was lost until the local boss all of a sudden decided to make this offer. He knows once she gets to
Mexico he cannot protect her. So, I apologize for the short notice but I only got the word last night of the
offer and this morning I was subjected to a brief video live phone call for a few seconds showing the
execution of one of the girls and the beginning of chopping her up on a butcher table to dispose of her and
the phone camera panned around the room to show that my friend was there. So live video call this could not
be staged and pieced together real time with Photoshop. This is no scam. All the girls were made to watch the
gruesome task that lasted an hour and a half. She told me this after crying for 3 hours. This happened
because her parents tried to get the FBI to attempt a rescue instead of paying the ransom. ALL contributions
will be considered short term loans to be repaid in 3 to 4 weeks when I get a $4500 loan from MetLife on my
10,000 life insurance policy that already has a 6000 loan on it from years ago but still has a net cash value of
5600. The loan has already been approved I just need to send in the paper work by email. Anyone who can
use Zelle can send to my Chase account just using my phone number or email address (580-682-9075 otherwise, I can't use Western Union although maybe someone else can send to me
to Oklahoma. I can pick it up at the local Dollar General Store. Or buy an Apple gift card and email a picture
of the inside with code exposed plus the sales receipt, or Apple card online through Amazon seems to be the
easiest, sent to my email. Sincerely yours, Carl Weisser





01/13/24 09:03 AM #170    


Debbie Turner (Monroe)

Our website has NOT been hacked!

01/13/24 10:17 AM #171    


David Bloxom

I got the very same message from Carl. Very questionable for sure.

01/13/24 11:26 AM #172    


Kipp Baker

I would suggest Carl's identity here has been cracked. This does NOT sound like Carl. The lengthy back story is typical of these sorts of scams. Advise to delete the message and move on.

03/11/24 04:21 PM #173    

Felix Higgins

Jeff Heinrichs passed away on March 3

03/25/24 10:43 PM #174    


Cathy Hurley

Very sorry to hear about Jeff.

05/10/24 12:25 PM #175    


Kenneth Fine

I will miss Joe Ulrickson! I have known Joe since 7th grade and can't believe he is gone. See you in a while, old friend...

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